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Paul Smith - Toastmaster

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Other Events

I have officiated at many different events over the years, other than Weddings. (Below are listed just a few)
Corporate Events, Masonic Ladies Festivals, Golden Wedding, Birthday Party, Christmas Events, Awards Ceremonies, Garden Parties, Banquet & Balls, Sporting Club Dinners etc.

What do these all have in common? A lot of time, money and organisation is put into these events. However on the day, night, afternoon or evening so many little problems can/will occur that can spoil your enjoyment of the event as an organiser and derail your function. For example:-

  • Guests arriving late, need to be shown to tables.
  • Guests on tables, food, service, drink problems, sometimes the red coat is easier to attract.
  • Entertainers turning up whilst you are eating, need to be shown to changing rooms and told timings etc.
  • Entertainers who are working the event need a point of contact.
  • All Services employed for a function, when they see a Toastmaster know they have one point of contact for timings, food etc.

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